The Artist Pledge

The ability to create is truly a God-given gift. God, the master creator, has given us all a part of himself. When a painter paints his energy he goes into every stroke of the brush.

Artistry’s purpose is to move you; inspire you; entertain you; persuade you; provoke an emotional response. Nowadays there are too many “artists” content with the profit that comes along with promoting promiscuity, violence, materialism, womanizing and drug abuse. Although art is a reflection of society, it should aid in it’s progression, not contribute to its regression.

Do people not know that the content they pushed into the world directly affects individuals, especially a young and impressionable one. Let’s use our divine talents to uplift others, realizing that this life isn’t all about you.

If you are reading this and you’re a writer, musician, instrumentalist, singer, rapper, poet or an artist of any sort I dare you to join this pledge. Pledge to inform, educate, lift the consciousness, inspire and entertain our audiences!

4 thoughts on “The Artist Pledge

  1. Yes! Word! It’s our divine mission as Artists to “serve” rather than being served; and this throughout all our works. I am so upset when a singer I appreciate suddenly starts singing lyrics that are the complete opposite of the uplifting message that attracted me to their music in the first place.

    • I agree! And I also think it’s sad for them to say things like “I’m not a role model for your kids, you are” when they know full well little girls and boys everywhere will be looking to them as a guide, whether their parents approve or not. It’s important to teach our kids, so they know better though.

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