Be Out Like A Midnight Train…

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As I look back over my life, I think of the many times I tried to hold on to something that was either dead, pointless or counterproductive. I wanted so badly for things to be good, to feel good. In some cases, I was holding on to what used to be. In others, I held onto what could be, but never was. And honestly, some of these relationships never served or benefited me in any way. They never intended to.

I love to see the good in others. I find something great and I hold on to that for dear life. I enjoy connecting with others. It excites me. Energizes me. Listening to their dreams and how despite they’ve had much to overcome they still have hope. It reminds me of all that is right with the world. You know, it rained last night. It thundered and stormed, but this morning the sun came out again. And you not only have to keep going, you  not only have to keep living, but you’ve got to find something you love with every inkling of your being and let that propel you forward like a jet engine.

No doubt all of that is beautiful. The connections you made. The great times you shared. They’ll make for good memories. But the fact of the matter is things change. People change. And sometimes those great times may have been more imagined than real.

It can be hard to accept that someone who was like a sister no longer values your presence. It’s hard to accept that a significant other has taken you for granted or treated you badly for far too long and you’re finally realizing it. It’s hard to accept that maybe all the things you thought were great, wasn’t real. And it’s HARD to accept that something you want like a cold drink on a hot summer day doesn’t want you the same way.

You’ve got to ask yourself:

  1. Do I feel good when I’m with this person or after I’ve been with this person?
  2. Does this person value me?
  3. Do I value them?
  4. Does the God in me want me to accept this relationship for myself?

If the answer to any one of these questions is no, then you need to be out like the midnight train to Georgia. You deserve better and you must decide to give yourself more.


What you think???

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