Personal Growth Journal 1: 90 day challenge check in


The first week of the year has been, progressive. I can see my growth and that feels great. I can identify where I need to make improvements and I know that I’m more than capable of making those improvements. I’ve decided the first 90 days I will not eat any deliberate sugar and I’ll write 15 minutes each day.

The first two days I did eat sugar, but I’m happy to say since then the only sugar I’ve consumed has come from fruit or coffee creamer. I’m progressively getting better with this no sugar thing. That is amazingly encouraging. Moving forward, I’m not going to drink anymore coffee with creamer. Yesterday I had two expresso shots from Starbucks straight. So if I decide to consume caffeine, I’ll have to find ways to do it without added sugar. Cakes and other obvious sweets haven’t been as hard as I thought. I’m a sweets fanatic so I’m a little surprised at how easy it has been. Out of sight, out of mind. I avoid places where I may be tempted to purchase or eat these things. I even have turned down FREE cake! To be fair, it was king cake and I’m not a big fan. But I did turn down Krispy Kreme Donuts and I do like those. I haven’t had a soda in 9 days! I have been drinking water with no calorie sweetener. After a while, I’ll stop using it as well. I’ve already started. I’m so excited! Progress gives momentum.

Writing for 15 minutes a day hasn’t been as successful. One day last week I let 3 days pile up and ended up writing over an hour. I’m not complaining, cause it was an amazing writing session and I didn’t want to stop but I had to go to sleep. That was an amazing feeling though. This week I actually let 5 days go. I may implement writing muliple times a day. If I’m in a waiting room, instead of looking on facebook, I can get 10 minutes of writing in. I tried that this week at a restaurent. It worked well. I enjoy writing, for some reason it feels great. 

Recently I signed up for a lot of ventures. All things I want for one reason or another. yesterday, as my head felt like it was about to explode, I decided to shift my focus. I decided instead of feeling overwhelmed, instead of thinking about how I feel and why I can’t do something, I’ll think about the many wonderful reasons why I should. Instead of saying, “I got too much going on”, I’ll say, “I have to generate and maintain better focus.” Stop blaming my lack of handling task well on the task on my action.

Let me geek out for a second, self-reflection, gaining revealation, insight and growth is exciting. It makes me happy! I just started a class that goes through John Maxwell’s “Today Matters” and discusses different points in the book. I’m GEEKED UP!

Anyway, have a great day! Love you, always.

4 thoughts on “Personal Growth Journal 1: 90 day challenge check in

  1. Im stoked! I’m so proud of you! I’ve been doing the same thing. I’ve been writing more songs (better songs) just to give my brain a workout. When I’m not writing I’ll listen to positive music and focus deeply on the lyrics and the complexity of it. My mood has been so much better, too. All of this I have you to thank for it. You reminded me of my passions and taught me to use my time more wisely instead of sitting around feeling sorry for myself. I see the positive in everything now! The world is a storyteller that reads to me everyday and I’m finally listening. 🙏

    • Thank you for commenting. As always, I appreciate it. Thank you for giving me credit but I cannot accept. You must know that first it is God and then it is your willingness that gives you these revelations and such. Positive music really does uplift you. Listening to scripture affirmations makes me feel like I can conquer everything! Or anything. I’m always striving to use my time more wisely. Some days are better than others.

  2. You turned down Krispy Kremes??? You’re a better person than I am lol. I’m such a sweets fanatic. Sugar, Sugar, must have sugar lol. Well congrats on your personal growth in 2018 and beyond! 🙂

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