Beautiful. SINGLE. Woman.



I have some pretty awesome women in my family and many of them aren’t married. And since many young girls are groomed to desire marriage and family, I’ve feared having the same fate. Being alone. Its funny, cause as I look at the beautiful unmarried women in my family, they are anything but alone. But often, women are made to feel alone, or lacking if they aren’t married and don’t have children.

But any awesome woman, who is unmarried is in many ways exercising choice. Their are plenty of options for them I’m sure, but many women would rather be alone then be with a man who doesn’t meet at least their minimum standards. And it seems the men who don’t meet these standards are abundant.

Among other things, the fact that women outnumber men has caused a great shift in dating. Either men are oblivious or they have just become accustomed to being a rare “hot” commodity, if you will. There are many women, who fear being alone. Many women who don’t feel whole or complete without the accompaniment of a man. Many women hoping to validate their worth or complete their “perfect” picture through a relationship. Some times it seems the popular suggestion is that a women isn’t a women if she doesn’t have a man and a family.

I’m sure their are really good men out there. Men who know how to treat and love a woman. Men who will selflessly care for a woman. Men who respect and value women. However, there are so many men who either have abandoned this notion, or maybe have never been taught how in the first place. Maybe its a combination of their past hurts and their dealings with women who are so desperate for love, that they teach them to devalue women. Maybe there is just as much euphoria that comes with being chased by a woman as their is when finally catching up with the man of your delusional dreams. Either way, somehow the tables have drastically turned and it can be scary.

I’ve been single since college, and that has been 7 years. Since then there have only been two men, really 1 that I would’ve heavily considered. One of those men, I later found is next to worthless, being that he is now engaged yet be trying to hit my phone like he crazy. The thought of being the fiance’ to a man who will attempt to connect with other women is sort of unsettling.

I’d rather be alone, than to be with a man the belongs to plenty of other women. I’d rather be alone than to be with a man that doesn’t value me, or that doesn’t know how to value me. Somethings are teachable, but some things are completely self-explanatory. I’d rather be alone than to be with a man who doesn’t respect me. I’d rather be alone than be with a man who doesn’t love me selflessly. I will selflessly love, respect and value him all the same.







2 thoughts on “Beautiful. SINGLE. Woman.

  1. You really nailed it. Even as a guy, I can relate to some of the things you touched on. This post is 100% spot on. You seem to be handling it well though! – Beautiful. SINGLE. Woman 😉

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