What I Learned From My First Failed Attempt at Organizing and Leading Black, Conscious, Intellectuals

The year was 2013 and I had just fought my way from the darkest of places. Rock bottom. Well, I wasn’t alone. I had Divine Love, my mother’s love, endurance and patience, my brother’s legitimate concerns, the prayers of a whole bunch of folks and a will. I can’t pretend that Yeshua and the Bible weren’t involved in my recovery, largely I attribute my resurrection to this consciousness.

As I was resurrected, I was re-connected to my compassion for people and my responsibility for impartation. I had always felt the pull. Now I was as ready to show up as I could be, being that readiness in my eyes will always be a day away. We are ready now for the lessons that present themselves, they get us ultimately to the place we need to be in space and time.

I enlisted a once close high school friend and told her the idea. To plan and host a community event that featured conscious poetry and expression. She knew some folks, I knew some folks and some folks just fit by Divine Order. We met, we shared, we planned, we performed.

The basis of our foundation was poetry, consciousness, intellect and a desire to act in the community, particularly in the lives of black folks. Black youth, black brothers, black mothers.

The tension rouse on matters of faith, religion, spirituality and to what degree the white man was inherently evil. Should we help a young white child if the opportunity presented itself? Honestly we talked about stuff that was probably way more irrelevant than we’d assumed. As I generally neglect to turn away a hungry mouth (regardless of my personal thoughts) if I have enough access to food. Possibly a fatal flaw or a redemptive quality, juries still in deliberation.

I, the youngest member was elected president though in the opinion of some, my paternal ancestry may have agitated some folk. I’m learning not to assume and trying not to think too much about things in general, especially things I can neither confirm nor deny.

We had an astronomical breakdown in communication. Some ppl got in their feelings. Some people went their separate ways. Some friendships suffered and some were severed. And some, possibly soared.

As I stand on the brink of another attempt to get some folk together on one accord here’s what I’ve learned, especially about my motivated, melanated companions.

  1. Build on your commonality. The VISION. Theres enough passion, compassion and generational understanding to sustain us through.
  2. Effective communication and mediation is a MUST.
  3. Conflict resolution need already be in place.
  4. Some conversations need not be had, especially before there‘s a concept of mutual respect and still possibly not at all.
  5. We must love, feed and support one another.

Families don’t see eye to eye on everything, but truth remains, blood connects us and that can never change. I myself don’t take too kindly to excommunication, specially over pettiness. And in my humble opinion, anything that tries to come between love is petty.

I’m excited for this new wave, this actualized understanding and the will of some folk and who ain’t gone take it lying down.

We ready.

One thought on “What I Learned From My First Failed Attempt at Organizing and Leading Black, Conscious, Intellectuals

  1. Greetings and Great Rising my Sista! U are a Beautiful Reminder of a Beautiful passage I came across one time that said “Difficult roads often lead to Beautiful Destinations” and this iz especially True when we Will it to be so and learn through tha Journey and not to be discouraged when a desired outcome isn’t achieved. Tha Victory iz Ours when We choose to Never Give Up and We Persevere and push until that right Energy comes along that u’ve attracted and then Greatness happens. Some of Us believe and Know we have no other choice cause thatz wut We come from so We already possess such Attribute and Quality. Tha question then becomes will u suppress, ignore or explore? I choose to Explore and I know U do to. All Praises to tha Most High, We Ready 🙏💓☉👑 #WethaPeople #ConsciousFolkStayWoke #CCClinks #BethaLight and tha #Truth #LuvandLight

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