Freedom One Bar at a Time

IMG_2103.JPGPhoto capture in the midst of natural movement rather than “posing”.

When I first saw her, there was a quality I was drawn to. I was attracted to her honesty. Her blatant frankness without regard for other’s thoughts, perceptions, acceptances or interpretations. She cared very little for using what is known as “standard English” (even in her formal writings) and she uploaded pictures of herself mostly nude. She said and did things that I’d learned most men deemed unattractive and most women would turn their noses up at.

She represented an element of freedom that I wasn’t sure if I was acquainted with. I mean, I’ve always been a “free spirit” challenging most universally accepted ideals but I still had built my own cage, the bars composed of my own fears, and cultural, regional and religious concepts.
In recent months, I’ve begun examining and dismantling these beliefs that no longer serve me. They take up valuable space, they weigh me down and honestly need to be replaced with more loving, accepting and lighter ideas.
From a young age, I was lectured so much about what a lady was, that I began to think I was portraying something opposite of that. I was told that being sensual or sexy was wrong, however, I was naturally this way. Why did it take so much effort to be “right”? And why was right what everyone else agreed with? I feel if God wanted us all to be the same, he wouldn’t have created so many unique individuals.
I am uninterested in telling another person how they should live their life. I’m only concerned with loving, healing, accepting and elevating myself. Realizing I’ve come far very quickly, yet I still have much evolving to do. There is a love that is deeper, wider, higher and longer than any human has been able to materialize, and it is my goal to conduct and radiate as much of that as I possibly can. For myself and for others.
When one hates the level of freedom that another has been able to achieve, it is because they hate the cage they’ve built  and allowed themselves to occupy.
Picture taken freshman year of college in my friend’s dorm room.

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