Materialization, Goals and Understanding of Self


It was a long time ago, when I realized a semblance of the power of words and affirmations. I was journeying through a very difficult time in my life and the simple habit of affirming was like medicine.

I realize that materialization is indeed a magical process. Calling to you things that are already present but not yet seen is a beautiful thing. It is materialization, alchemy, bringing things into fruition.

I’ve began to understand that there are many ways to do this. In 2017 I created an ACTION board. You may hear a lot about a vision board (generally a board with a bunch of material things you want to have, like a car or house); however, I quickly realized they don’t work, at least not for me. With my action board I was able to actualize ALL of my goals (THEN SOME) and many of them in the first 6 months of the year.


My goals for 2017 were to be free from bondage, start a business, lose a specific amount of weight, participate in a specific amount of creative projects (theater), and to be empowered, to write, perform and create opportunities to help empower others etc. (You know, I think it’s quite weird that I didn’t put love on the board, lol)

After agreeing upon what I wanted to see, I thought about what habits I’d have to create. I then researched photos that were either symbolic and embodied the idea, or actually pictured the habit itself. Then I created affirmations that coincided with said goals, being sure that they affirmed it in the now and not the future. i.e. I AM empowered and I AM empowering others. I AM free from bondage and I AM freeing others. Then I created a morning routine that I RARELY ever skipped.

I’d wake up. Put on a playlist that encouraged gratitude, and high thoughts/feelings. Then I’d do a little cardio and dance around my apartment. Then I’d go to my ACTION board and speak the affirmations out as I focused on the picture that coincided. Then I meditated on scriptures that reaffirmed that I have purpose, I am loved and that all trials are temporary and work for my good.


My life transformed quickly in ways I didn’t even imagine. In some ways, I didn’t realize what I was doing, but I left everything open. I wasn’t very specific about HOW it had to happen, just that it needed to happen and I BELIEVED that it would. There was no doubt.

Now January 2018 and I had no idea what I wanted my goals to be. I’ve always been very goal oriented and ambitious, but a part of me felt as though always striving for goals left little time for me to actually understand WHY they were important to me and WHY I desired them so much. SO January came and left, no goals. February came and left, no goals. March, April, May and so on. During this time I’ve only been striving to be the best me, to be better than I was the day prior, to learning more about myself and my passions and my gifts and my talents. I will say it is ONE of the best thing I’ve done. I know that reaching goals feels good, but those good feelings only last so long. I know that material things or accomplishments WILL NOT make me happy and so therefore I reach because it is WHO I AM and not because I want to feel something. Though, if we’re honest, doing what you love will always feel good. Now I understand more about why empowerment is important to me. Why liberation is important to me. Why I HAVE to continue in this work.

One of the worst things we can do is climb a ladder of success and get to the top only to realize it is leaning against the wrong wall. – Thomas Metron

Now, I’m ready to create, and learn new techniques of materialization. I’m so blessed to have had time to learn more about myself, what gifts I have and what drives me. I hope is that I am and continue to be in alignment with GOD, with who I AM created to BE (my HIGHEST self), and the Energy of those who labored and labor for this very important work, LIBERATION.


What you think???

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