Find Joy in the Process

In the society we live in, we’ve been socialized to be fixated on results. Accomplishments. Vision so tunneled that the process becomes daunting. It’s like an obstacle, when indeed it could be one of your greatest joys. The process that is.


In terms of energy, we have to know that energy has it’s effects on things. To whatever degree you’re comfortable believing, I believe energy is part, if not most of, the very foundation of a thing. Energy moves. It transforms, it makes deposits. And if you are viewing your day to day as daunting, then you can believe the energy of resentment, agitation, anger, fear etc is going into, is moving, is the basis of the very thing you so desire to create.

I visualize a potter making a form out of clay. The potter must fall in love with the process. Fall in love with the idea that he/she is crafting a beautiful thing and someone is going appreciate that thing. That thing could be used as a vessel of water, or hold food for a gathering of loved ones. The possibilities are great and endless. As we form our art, we put love energy into it.

Almost anything can be a spiritual practice. With awareness (mindfulness), concentration (focus/attention) and intention, you have the ability to engage your whole being in a thing. Mind, Body and Soul/Heart/Spirit. That is the beauty of Love. Its sacredness. Love is aware, focused, generous, honoring. Love is faithful and hopeful. Love protects.

What good is any accomplishment, if it costs you, your joy? Attaining a thing is a sure way to find, that another thing would make you happy. That is, if we’re wrapping our happiness up in things. I think of Moses leading the Israelites through the wilderness. The attitudes and complaining made a 40 day journey, a 40 year journey. And the complainers, never made it to the promised land at all.

The beautiful thing about your minds is, you can direct it. If your thoughts are causing you to feel unpleasant, you can make a decision to move your focus.

Sometimes I choose to walk to my destination, instead of drive. When I walk, I’m able to notice, appreciate and relish the moment. Able to BE. Present. Embodied. FLOW. I feel the sun loving on me. I feel the breeze, speaking to me. I see the beauty in plants, flowers and other forms of nature. I see them growing throw bricks, gates and cracks in concrete, reminding me of the resilience that lives inside of me. I can speak to a stranger, make eye-contact and honor their Being. I smell smells, sometimes unpleasant, but it all grounds me. In one of the most beautiful places I can be. In the now.


Here’s some ways we can fall in love with the process:

  1. We must understand that attaining a thing will not bring us profound, prolonged joy. Our joy is something that can and must be harnessed in the now.
  2. Be clear about why you’ve set out to attain a thing. Visualize it, feel it and everything it brings. This helps you to stay inspired and motivated.
  3. Fully embrace making and learning from mistakes.
  4. Know that failure isn’t an option. Like it literally isn’t a thing. There is always much more to be gained than to be lost.
  5. Set small goals and celebrate those “small” victories. Schedule a time to do so. (if you don’t, you likely won’t get to it) make it a whole thing!
  6. Practice gratitude daily. Gratitude in general and for the things you are learning and gaining.
  7. Get more or equally excited about the process as you do about the desired result. Think of each task toward your goal as a beautiful step onto a rock in the center of a pond leading you to paradise.
  8. Take moments to breath. To feel. To relax. To rest. Acknowledge and sit with your feelings for a time, but don’t stop there.

Remember, you are an unique expression of God. You are literally His/Her artwork. The very energy of God has gone into your Being. The only failure, is to fail to try.

One thought on “Find Joy in the Process

  1. Great post. “What good is any accomplishment, if it costs you, your joy?” – So true! I also liked the clay potter analogy. A lot of nice points. In this fast paced society, we need to slow down and enjoy life more and appreciate the little ‘everyday things”.Peace ✌❤️

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