Don’t end up on the casting couch!



It was 2010 and I was a 20 year old senior in college. I was sitting in a somewhat uncomfortable Jury meeting with three people who all served, at some point or another as my professors, directors and mentors. It was tense and certain parts even a little hard to deal with. One of my professors asked that I submit a written code of ethics. They all agreed about their concern that I could potentially end up on someone’s “casting couch”. While, initially it was a bit offensive I later understood what they were trying to communicate. In my mind, me ending up on someone’s casting couch was NEVER an option, and it hurt a little that people I thought knew me well were unsure of that. They felt that I was naive and while this term was used to describe me a lot I regarded it with the deepest resentment. In my mind the word naïve was synonymous with foolish and unintelligent. I am a seeker of knowledge and curious by nature so I didn’t take too kindly to this stigma. But that is an entirely different story within itself.


In the process of doing this assignment I gained an understanding. When you don’t stand for something, you can and will inevitably fall for anything. If people don’t consciously think about what they will and won’t do to get the things they want, they could end up doing things they never thought possible. Things that could cost them money, assets, relationships (professional and personal), their self-respect/dignity and the list could go on to infinity.


When a person is strict about what they will and will not do and what they will and will not accept it is evident in the very essence of their being. That alone will cut out majority of the bull, however there are still some people who want to push the boundaries.
I challenge you, make a conscious effort to think about this. What are you not comfortable doing, even if it means you gain success, money, power and relationships? No matter what industry you are in, doesn’t matter what your dreams are. Don’t compromise, not at all! Don’t end up on your version of the “casting couch”.



Making a commitment to YOU,

Many people will take care of commitments to others and neglect their own (not saying that you should follow through with your commitments). We see it all the time and the person we are looking at just might be looking back at us in the mirror. The mom who uses all her energy to care for her children and husband but has nothing left for herself. The man working crazy hours when he’d rather be home bonding with his children or working on opening his own business. We can kill ourselves to be there for other people and employers; can we put this much effort and commitment to ourselves.

You may have wanted to write a book, take a vacation, go to the spa, start a business but time and lack of energy has talked you out of it.

When we want or need something, we have to take full responsibility of making it happen, no one else will.

Yesterday after church I decided I to fast. I wasn’t going to watch TV,eat, listen to music, use the telephone or Internet. I needed some time to exist without noise, without any outside influence, spend some time with God. By the end of the night I turned on the TV and ate some chicken salad and crackers. I completely broke my commitment to myself and more importantly to God. Well the cracker I was eating broke off one of my teeth. My tooth scratched my tongue all night and I can’t consume solid food for at least 30 hours, maybe longer. (I have a dentist appointment tomorrow) I’m sure this would have eventually happened, (Not saying this was a punishment or anything) but it certainly sucks that it happened now, like this. I’m going to take it as a lesson learned. I constantly make commitments to myself and God but I rarely keep them. From now on, I will follow through on these commitments the same way I would for a job or a friend.

When you compromise on your own commitments and goals, you’re compromising yourself.